Primeros pasos

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Daily milonga Primeros Pasos is held in Moscow on Saturdays from 15:00 to 19:00 aproximately once in a month in Planetango club, but because of the activity of the club (such as lessons of maestors, festivals or giving the place for a one day rent) milonga may be held at some other address — check the schedule. 

Place: club Planetango, premises are fully occupied by tango-club.
Music: mainly tango of 30-50-s.
Amount of dancers: up to 20 pairs.
Price: 300 RUR.
Dancefloor: laminate.
Additionally: several caffees are located one floor down.


Natalia Melnikova

The organizer and DJ of the milonga Natalia Melnikova:

This event was specially created by me for those who recently began to be engaged in Argentine tango, as well as for those who are in for more than a year, but still are afraid to go to the city’s milongas. At our milonga, you can expand your social circle, find a partner for practice, learn a lot of interesting things about tango and of course have a great time. In general, all the organizational and procedural rules are the same as at ordinary milongas, including music — the number of melodies in tandas is not reduced, DJing takes place in the standard «night» milonga format.

The doors of the milonga are also open to teachers and their students. Our event provides an opportunity to practice and having a lesson with the milonga’s music in the space separated from the dance floor, and immediately to try out the gained knowledge and skills «in combat conditions» at the real milonga.

I would also like to appeal to those who have been dancing for a long time. Friends, we all once started to dance and experienced not being invited or being refused to dance. Let’s all support beginners and help them to quickly believe in themselves! For you, one tanda is not difficult at all, but for them it’s very important! Come with your partners, show an example and inspire others with your dance.