Milonga Domingo

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Day milonga Domingo is held in Moscow on Sundays from 14:00 to 19:00 in Planetango. Because of high activity of the club, holding seminars and festivals, one-time cancellations of milonga may occure — follow the schedule. 

Place: club Planetango, premises are fully occupied by tango-club.
Music: mainly tango of 40-50-s.
Amount of dancers: from 3 to 20 pairs.
Price: 300 RUR.
Dancefloor: laminate.
Additionally: bar of the club, refreshments from organizers, several caffees are located one floor down.

Organizer of the milonga Alexander Bolotov (Александр Болотов):
«Tango is an amazing dance! Though it has not always had unambiguous «reputation», this dance contains a huge potential for the development in the dancers of mental purity, strengthening mental and physical health! And, just as any very powerful double-edged tool, it is able to work both in one’s advantage and disadvantage. And one of the «minuses» may be the lack of a normal healthy night’s sleep for dancers. Night milongas will always be and it’s wonderful! But there is an opportunity to dance in the afternoon, no less interesting!


The first daily milonga «Domingo» took place in early November 2013, still on the previous address of the club «Planetango». Initially, it was supposed that this would be a milonga for couples with children, where children’s leisure would be organized and the opportunity for parents to dance in full-fledged milonga (but during the day) would be given. At that time in one of the halls of the club there was a studio of polymer plasticine for children and adults. Several milongas were held in this format. But then a lot more dancers without children came to the milonga than with the children and the format of the milonga changed. For me, the idea of ​​a daytime milonga was always interesting and when I was offered to organize such a milonga in the club Planetango, I gladly agreed.

Alexander Bolotov (Photo —

I am grateful to Alexander Wistgof for the support of this project and the opportunities for its further development. The day milonga «Domingo» is conceived and developed as an alternative to night milongas, and there are many such milongas in Moscow. I want to create opportunities for a full-fledged and fairly democratic milonga in the daytime for those tango dancers who for some reason can not attend night milongas, but are ready to dance on Sunday afternoon.

In addition, the musical atmosphere of this milonga is built on special principles. It is for this reason that the DJ mainly organizes the milonga (Alexander Bolotov himself — editor’s note). Now the milonga is held almost every Sunday from 14.00 to 19.00. The milonga has mostly classical tango for comfortable dancing in ronda.

The arrangement of seats assumes that there is enough space for free movement around the hall between tables. Entrances to the dance floor are located at the four corners of the rectangular space. The four columns quite well show the space of the outer ronda, where it is preferable to dance a walk. In addition, there is a special space for practice, separated from the space for the milonga, where you can practice and conduct private lessons using the same music, which sounds at milonga. So you can dance in both the milonga and practice modes, as you like, the entrance to the event is one for both.

The floor is made of very comfortable for dancing laminate. One floor down is «Gastroferma» space with a wide choice of delicious food for different taste and purse. In addition, one can bring drinks, including alcohol, fruits and light snacks to milonga. We have enough utensils, a microwave oven, a cooler with drinking water, a kettle, a coffee machine in the bar, tea and sugar are freely available. Almost at every milonga we prepare a small treat, ice cream or lemonade and this is included in the price of the entrance ticket. The price for entry does not exceed the average price of a ticket for a milonga in Moscow.

The bulk of the dancers come to this milonga after 15.00 or 16.00. I want, of course, that already at 14.00 there were a lot of dancing people, so for those who come to milonga beforehand, we give a significant discount in price, as you can practice already from 12.00 at our milonga. The day milonga «Domingo» is becoming more and more popular among dancers who feel comfortable to dance on a Sunday afternoon! Join everyone, who cares about health and about tango!»