Milonga Aviator

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Milonga Aviator is held in Moscow every Monday from 19:00 to 23:00, not far from «Kurskaya» underground station.

Place: «Aviator» restaurant.
Music: mainly tango of «golden age». 
Amount of dancers: from 3 to 10 pairs.
Price: 200 RUR.
Dancefloor: parquet floor
Additionally: one may order food and drinks from the restaurant menu.


Olga Kondratenko, Ekaterina Olevinskaya, Ekaterina Sizova

Organizers of the milonga — Ekaterina Olevinskaya, Ekaterina Sizova, Olga Kondratenko: «Every Monday, the cozy Aviator restaurant on Zemlyanoy Val opens its doors to everyone who wants to dive into the wonderful world of tango. On the first evening of the working week, the friendly atmosphere of the milonga Aviator sets the mood for the whole week. You will always be met by the smiling hostesses of the milonga, they will prompt you where you can change your clothes, order wine and answer all the general questions. We are very scrupulous about appointing DJ of the milonga, because he sets the mood for the whole evening! To us it is important that every guest has a feeling of cozyness and comfort, so we are always ready to answer any questions and help to make every evening the most harmonious!»

Video from milonga organizers: